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Septic System Installation

Septic systems - also knows as on-site sewage facilities - areseptic-tank-install necessary when a city sewer line is not available for your property.

We perform septic tank installations in Polk, Cedar, Dade, Dallas, Hickory and St. Clair Counties. Many rural residences and businesses in these area need sanitation.

Although we use the term "septic system" to refer to any on-site sewage facility, there are many types available.

Typically, the standard septic system consists of a tank where solids and liquids are separated, and an absorption area where the liquids are treated in the soil. After time in this area, called a leach field, the liquids return to the groundwater supply. Part of our service is to determine which one is best for your property.

What Type of System Do You Need?

The most important factor will be the type of soil on your property. We also consider slope, minimum setback requirements and other elements to make a final decision. Standards may be set by the State of Missouri and/or the county where installation will take place.

Residences and small business can comfortably get by with standard septic systems. However, schools and larger businesses will need other systems. New construction and replacement systems are often complex. They need  field testing, siting and permitting, as well as a final inspection before use. We also perform as-needed inspections and maintenance of existing septic systems, including those we have not installed.

Septic systems impact public health. As such, improper design or installation can result in long delays or not passing the final inspection.

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