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Septic System Repair

If your septic system has been thoroughly inspected and the tank,baffles or tees drainfield pipes exposedand risers are all in good working order but there is unwanted leakage in the drain field, then we need to thoroughly inspect the drain field, because the problem area is located there.

Why Does a Leach Field Fail?

There are a number of causes of drain field failure, and they all create the same effect: unwanted wastewater backing up in the house or yard, creating a health hazard. The problem may first be seen as slow or gurgling drains in the home;  left unchecked, this will turn into a much larger, more expensive and more hazardous problem.

Unsuitable soils can cause a failure, as well as tanks that are inaccessible for maintenance, paved drain fields, or drain fields where vehicles are parked, tree roots, or defective components, such as cracked pipes.

Other causes can be household cleaning products, oil based paints, solvents or any toxic cleaner that kill the organisms that digest and treat the waste. Excess sludge can also build up in your tank when you use your garbage disposal for fats and solids; this requires more frequent tank pumping to keep the solids to water ratio correct.

Hot tubs, washing machines, water purification systems and running toilets all add extra grey water to the system, agitating the solids and bringing excess flow to the leach field, which can overload it. The excess water sits in the drain lines, and can encourage a bacterial mat that forms along the trench walls, blocking proper water seepage. This is most common when the septic system was designed for fewer people than actually occupy the residence.

How Do You Repair a Failed Drain Field ?

Unfortunately, unless there is a specific clog that can be routed out, the drain field must be allowed to dry completely...often for a few months. This generally means the best solution is a new trench system created somewhere else on the property.

And once a new  leach field is in place, you may need to change your household habits: less use of the disposal unit; re-routing gray water from laundry to mulch basins in the landscape; conserving water whenever possible, including high efficiency toilets and water efficient shower heads and faucets. And be sure to get the tank pumped on a schedule recommended by your septic tank professional.

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